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Adiel Cassano By DOCOLOR - 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Y1002

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"Esta colección esta dedicada a todos mis seguidores . Gracias sinceras porque siempre me desean lo mejor y me dan todo su apoyo , contar con  cada uno de ustedes me sirve de estímulo para continuar mi lucha a lograr mis metas y sueños . "

"This collection is dedicated to all my followers . Sincere thanks , you always wish me the best and give me all your support , each of you serve  stimulus to continue my joumey to achieve my goals and dreams".

This is a 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette created by Adiel Cassano and DOCOLOR together. 

The palette includes 8 vibrant matte shades and 2 shiny shimmer, super pigmented and east to blend. 


Talc, Mica, Magnessiumstearate, Silicon dioxide, Polydimethyl, Siloxane, Boron oxide, Lsopropylpalmitate, Keywords Caprylic acid, Ethylhxyl Palmitate, Weilafen, Tianium oxychloride, titaniumdioxideC177891, C17892, C177899, C115850, C119140, C145410.

Net Wt:   25g / 0.88oz

Title Adiel Cassano By DOCOLOR - 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette - Y1002

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